Staircase Balustrades

Staircase balustrades from Pace transform a staircase from a purely functional feature to a design statement and architectural centrepiece. We can help you transform a plain, functional hallway and staircase into an eye-catching architectural centrepiece.

We deliver staircase balustrades that meet:

  • your design
  • your timescale
  • your budget.
Stainless steel balustrade in a new commercial development

Working with you

Pace work with your architects and designers to develop the initial balustrade concept then finalise the design. Then we manufacture the balustrade exactly to your specifications. Our state of the art equipment means we get things right first time.

We make installation of the balustrade easy. We co-operate with your project managers and contractors to complete the job, on time and on specification.

State of the art equipment

Our CAD software helps architects, and their clients, visualise the staircase balustrade as it is being designed. That means they can be sure the design is right, before work starts on the balustrade.

Once the design is finalised our state of the art equipment, and skilled, experienced workforce, enable us deliver precisely what was specified by the architect.

Every staircase balustrade we make is unique

Balustrades and handrails are often the features of a staircase that first catch the eye, and therefore form a key part of the overall impression of the building. They are more than just operational and functional : they are a key part of how people perceive and interact with the building. It is increasingly popular to include an inspirational staircase design as a focal point within commercial buildings. That's why every staircase balustrade we make is specific to it's location.

We implement contemporary or traditional designs, for domestic and commercial projects.

We help renovate and redevelop existing buildings, and help build new ones.

Our staircase balustrades are complemented by our range of bespoke canopies, railings and other architectural metalwork.

External stainless steel staircase balustrade Staircase balustrades 2017 - 1

Balustrades for any staircase.

We can create balustrades for any style of staircase :

  • straight
  • helical
  • spiral
  • cantilevered
  • single flight
  • multi-flight.
Staircase Balustrades 2017 4

Our work

We are skilled craftsmen who take great pride in our work. Our work always shows precision, great attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship. Our staircase balustrades are always custom made, so you can be confident they will exactly meet your requirements. We do almost all the work in-house, because this gives us greater control of quality and time scales.

We are experienced at working with designers and architects, and understand what they want from us. We can combine and develop staircase styles to get the unique effect you want. Our years of experience enables us to come up with innovative and effective solutions to problems.

We understand that staircase balustrades have to satisfy a wide range of criteria, including :

  • aesthetics, to fulfil the design
  • usability, for those who will use the building
  • accessibility
  • safety.

Materials and finishes

We can implement your design from a wide range of materials and finishes, including:

  • stainless steel
  • mild steel
  • brass
  • glass

We can integrate wood, glass, marble and other materials, as the design requires. We create everything from ultra-modern minimalist designs in glass and chrome to traditional designs using wood and marble.

We can supply a wide range of finishes, including powder coating. We have an in-house powder coating facility for creating colourful durable and weather-proof staircase balustrades for indoor or outdoor use.

Staircase balustrades as part of larger projects

Our staircase balustrades have formed part of a wide range projects, from building renovations to multi-million pound new developments. We understand what it takes to be part of a large construction project. We strive to be ready on schedule, and get every thing right first time.

We are used to working on site. We have years of experience of working with project managers, and do what we can to make the project run smoothly. Our years of experience means that we almost always complete our installation on time. We are good at coping with any issues or snags that occur during the installation.

Unique, bespoke balustrades

At Pace we supply bespoke balustrades made to your exact requirements.

We do not constrain your balustrade design to standard designs made from our standard balustrade parts catalogue. We implement every balustrade as a unique project it its own right. That's why we can deliver projects which are too complex for other suppliers.

We manufacturer our components in-house, and so can easily create original and unique balustrades. This also means we can be sure of the quality of the components, and that they will be right first time.

We have years of experience in designing balustrades. Because we manage the whole process we can discuss with architects the best way to implement their design, and also with project managers the best way to install the balustrade within the constraints of the project.

If you have an idea in mind then please do discuss with us what you need, and we will find the best way to make it happen.

Bespoke balustrades photo 1
Bespoke balustrades photo 2

Choosing a staircase balustrade supplier

It's important to choose the right staircase balustrade supplier. Not all suppliers are the same. Many can only supply balustrades made from a restricted range of standard parts, which constrains the design. Many may outsource the manufacturing of some or all components, which means they cannot easily vary the design.

Many can create a standard balustrade, but lack the experience and technology to create something new and original. Many can supply the balustrade, but cannot complete the installation, which leaves the contractors with a problem.

None of these constraints apply to Pace, which is why we are able to create genuinely unique staircase balustrades.

Staircase Balustrades 2017 2

An example of our work

This balustrade was completed in September 2017

Staircase balustrade example from Sep 17 picture 1
Staircase balustrade example from Sep 17 picture 3
Staircase balustrade example from Sep 17 picture 4

For excellence in Staircase Balustrades, just call us today on 01279 635 525, and discuss your project with the experts.

Stainless steel balustrade protecting an external flight of stairs.
Glass balustrade for a floating staircase
Floating staircases appear almost weightless
Floating staircases maske the staircase a highlight fature of the room.